A: hey...
B: hey.. how are you?
A: I'm fine.... long time not see
B: yeah, I am a little bit busy
A: you must have a lot of story, right?
B: not really.. but, i have a story about my new friend
A: really? how does it sound?
B: my friend is a foreign, but he can speak indonesian fluently.... he lives near my house.. he is a very kind person.... he is a rich person, but he is not stingy.... he likes to lend his money to each other.... because of that thing, everybody say he is not human, but he is an angel... what do you think?
A: wow.... that's  nice story.... i'd like to see your new friend...
B: yeah, if you want, i can ask him to meet you
A: really?
B: of course
B> you're welcome