1. He weren't sick so he would come
2. It wasn't possible so i wouldn't do it
3. He was work, so we would take vacation
4. You were busy, so you couldn't help her
5. I didn't have time, so i wouldn't meet him
6. She had time, so she could finish the job
7. We came to meeting, so he weren't angry to us
8. I didn't know her address, so i couldn't give it to you

thanks you
you're welcome
tapi kan itu soal task 23 kok d tulis lagi sih .gua nyuruhnya kan task 24 gimana sih ?
sorry yang gue liat kan tadi yang dilingkari 23 sama 24 baru nyadar kalo yang ditanyain 24
hadeh kan udah gua tulis task 24 bisa gak .bantuin dong