Malin Kundang.

Once upon a time, there were mother and her young son, namely Malin Kundang, lived in difficult life. They hanged life with something given by the nature. They took woods from the forest and sold them to buy their food. It was not enough to fulfill their daily need normaly. They ate food whatever there was, they wore clothes whatever there was. They were very poor.

One day, Malin Kundang asked for permission to her mother to work. He want to change their life. “Mother, let me go to get work, so we can live in better life. I will come back soon” said Malin Kundang. “Of course, my Dear. May God bless you!” answered his mother.

Malin Kundang went away to try his luck in a big ship. His poor life motivated him to be a good employee. He was very diligent and made his career increased as fast as possible, until he became a rich man. The merchant of a big ship interested in him and wanted him to marry his daughter. Malin Kundang agreed because she was very beautiful.
            After Malin Kundang married, one day, his wife invited him to see his mother land. Malin agreed with her. Their ship anchored near the harbor of West Sumatra. Everybody heard their coming. The dweller told about it. “ Malin come back! Malin come back! He is a rich man now!” they shouted.            Malin Kundang’s mother came to the harbor and found Malin Kundang with his wife. “ Malin! Welcome to your village!” said his mother. Malin Kundang ashamed to his wife when he saw his mother in a bad clothes. He always said to his wife that he was a son of a rich man.

“ I am your mother, Malin. You don’t remember me, do you?” said his mother more.

“ Go away! I have no mother like you!” shouted Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang’s mother was very sad. She was in believe and un-believe that the man on the ship is his son. She said to God to make sure about it. “ God if he is not my son, forgive me that I have felt he is my son, but if he is my son, you are the Justest King”.

In a short time, the sky became dark, the thunder rumbled. No light then after the last thundering sound. After everything in normal condition, there was a big stone of Malin Kundang and his ship.

Semoga membantu.