Bantuin Dong ...

1) Make sentences using the following words!
a. Holiday
b. Visited

2) Remember one of your interesting experiences, for examples trip, show, party, meeting someone interesting, then write it in a recount text!

3) Mention three good experiences you have ever got!

4) Mention three bad experiences you have ever got!

5) Change the sentences into simple past tense!
a. I (watch) a sport video at my friend's house last night
b. Tedy (does not attend) the meeting last Tuesday.
c. (do) your friends visit you last weekend?



1. last new year holiday, I visited my grandmother house.----------3.getting new book from my father, first day in love and trying to fying and its better enough 4.fall from the stairs, fall's at the roadside, fighting with other student
5. a. watched. b did not attend. c. did