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to move
the moisture
across the world
a high preassure
warm air
depends on
the earth's surface
the distribution

the pattern of weather (1) ... the distribution of regions of warm air and cold air. this, in turn, depends on (2) ... of low pressure areas and high pressure areas over the globe. when the sun shines on (3) ... the ground warms up. this warms the air above it. (4) ... is lighter than cool air and so it rises, producing area of low atmospheric pressure. in the cooler areas round about, the air denser and at (5) ... it begins (6) ... in toward the low pressure area. this movement (7) ... the winds. the global wind pattern can be pictured as a reflection of the areas of high pressure and low pressure (8) ...
when air (9) ... it cools. but cool air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. in a cooling air mass, (10) forms water droplets. these droplets in turn form clouds and, ultimately, fall to earth as rain.



(1) produces (2) the distribution (3) the earth's surface (4) warm air (5) across the world (6) to move (7) depends on (8) across the world (9) rises (10) the moisture sepertinya sih begini, sorry kl salah :)