Mother: Why are you awake son: I woke up because I heard something in the kitchen. I am scared to sleep alone. Mother: aww it's probably just a cat. but if you want you can sleep with me. son: thank you, mom!
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A: (screaming after wake up)
B: what happen? (give a hug for his son)
A: I have a nightmare, dad.. i'm so scared
B: that's just dream son, don't be scared...
A: i try to be not too scared,  but i can't that...because that's a very...very bad nightmare i ever had
B: c'mon.... i trust you can do it.....
A:i'll try harder dad...
B: now, go sleeping again and don't forget to pray..... okay son??
A: okay dad....thank you
B: you're welcome son.... (kiss his son's forehead)