Little Mantu lived in a village deep in the jungle,where elephants helped the men work.They could lift up the heaviest logs.then , Mantu had an elephant of his very own. Hisname was Opie. He was just a baby and Mantu loved
him very much. Mantu whispered to Opie’s ear that
someday he would become the biggest, strongest and
bravest elephant in the jungle. The other elephants
heard this. They began to laugh and made rude noises
with their trunks. “We’re so big and tall, but you’re
so small. You’re nothing at all,” said one of the big
Mantu looked up at the huge elephant with a
mishievous glint in his eye. “You’re so tall and can
see far away. We can see what is happening down
here in the jungle. In fact, we would be the worst to see
any slithering snakes that may be a danger. “After
hearing the word snakes, the elephants screeched
and off they gwents thundering in fright.
“Did I say there were snakes?” giggled Mantu. “No,
I don’t think so,” smiled Opie. Mantu then climbed upon
his little friend’s back and went home to the village to tell
everyone about the foolish elephants.