Di comment aja yaa..

B : i was just wearing shirt and jeans pants. In the situation we were using dress code
A : it is really embarrassing. What about the dress code?
B : we must wear halloween dress code and the mask
A : oh my GOD, it is very embarrasing
B : yess, allright. That`s all really embarrassment
A : don`t be sad guys. You can make it the unforgotable experience
B : i was so ashamed
A : i feel too. But smile please
B : thanks friend. You have listened my embarrassment story
A : ur welcome. It is really a good story
B : what do you say to me?
A : nothing. I just kidding friend
yang pendek pendek aja ada enggk ?
singkat aja dialog nya..
itu terlalu pnjang. yang pndek dong bntu :(
nita  : Today is my bad day
ayu    : Why? What's wrong?
nita  : I feel down from motorcycle in front of Course
ayu    : Really? Are you Ok?

: I am fine, but I feel so embarrassed because my shoes were flying over me and my skirt was torn.

ayu   : You must be very ashamed.
nita  : You bet. I felt so ashamed to know that. I don't feel convenient because there were some boys hanging out.

ayu     : Yes, I know that what you feel. You should be more careful again.
nita  : Yeah, Thanks a lot
ayu     : You're Welcome