Toolloonggg saya kalimat iklan mengunakan bahasa inggris tentang produk handphone gimanaaaaaaaaaa ?

For the introduction of the latest mobile phones.
We pulled out a mobile phone to facelitate you do all applications


You want to buy cheap handphone?? call me at : 081-803 866 081 or visit my shop at jl magarpuro no 21 . This handphone is best quality because this handphone have : 3 GB Memory card , java apps , and much more

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Brotha and sista , i will introducing the new type mobile/smart phone from samsung/bb , this mobile phone have a good quality , 1 cheeper than other phone 2 although this phone chpeer but , this is have a good quality 3 and the last this is branded mobile phone come on get it and use it.....
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