Donny : Sir! Tomi hurt his ankle. May I have somd balm? Teacher : Sure. Where is he bring him here! Indra : Certainly sir. Teacher : What the matter? Tommi : I played basketball, when I tried to jump, my leg bent and it hurt Dika: Can you straighten your leg? Tomi : Ouch! I can't, dik. danang : Alright. Lay down on the bed! Fiko : O.K. Come on Tomi, move slowly and lay down! Teacher : Fiko, can you contact his parents to pick him now, please Fiko : Yes, Sir Maaf kalo jelek :))
1 : what are you doing now? 2 : i just make some flowervase from a plastic bottle 3 : what kind of materials? 4 : some plastic bottle,paint,a sheets of tissues,and glue 5 : how about the tools? 6 : it just need like a cutter,brush,scissor,container 7 : wow it's very nice and beautiful! 2,4&6 : thank you very much,do you wanna know about how to make this? 1,3,5,7 : really?yes! we wanna know that! lets tell me now! 2 : okay,first,make sure the bottle is clean and the cutter is sharp too,then,becarefully cut the mouth of the bottle and tidy up with a scissor. 4 : second,rub the outer face pf the bottle with a glue. and attach a sheets of tissues on the outer of the bottle 6 : an then,start to painting the bottle also develop your creativity! and let it dry for a dew minutes. 2,4&6 : and now,your flowervase already to use. 1 : wow it's very fun and nice! 3 : thats right and the step by step really easy to try 5 : it's make from creativity,i like 7 : this is so fun,i wanna try this sone times! 1,3,5,7 : thank you very much all! 2,4&6 : your wellcome ;)
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