mohon bantuannya ya .... & jika ada kesalahan penulisan mohon di maklumi ya...
A few days before the wedding, the
princess had a bath in a pool behind the palace. In the water,she imagined the
.....1).... of being the wife of a young and handsome king. While doing so,
strong wind blew, making branches of trees fall off. Unluckily a medium-sized
branch hit the princess’ nose and it ...2).... the princess held her bleeding
nose and asked her ladies to bring her a mirror. Looking at her nose in the
mirror, the princess cried, “ oh,, my nose!” her pointed nose became a snub. She
tought she was no longer beautiful. She was very sad and cried.

woe to me!” my marriage plan will fail. Would the king marry me with my
....3)...... ? oh, it should be canceled and.. he must look for another woman
who is more beautiful than me. My parents will be very disappointed and
embarrased if my marriage fails. Everyone in this kingdom must have known about
my wedding,” thought the princess, who felt confussed about the situation .

The princess
kept thinking about her .....4)..... she wouldn’t dare to see the people who
would be attending the party and looking at her with her broken nose. It would
be very embarrasing and distressing for her and her parents. She could the
nothing, except ....5).......

the princess became more ....6).......
while crying, she held up her hands and prayed “ oh god, punish me as i have
embarrased and disappointed my parents”

Soon after, a lightning ...7).....
above the kingdom, reflecting that god had heard her prayer. In the next few
mooments, there were changes on the princess’s body, shocking her ladies . her
........8)...... suddenly became scaly, from her legs upwards. She changed into
a big serpent!

Her ladies, who waited on and assited
her, tried to run, to avoid the serpent. The princess , who had turned into a
serpent and still could talk, asked them to meet the king and queen, her
parents, and tell them what had happended

Soon, a number of the ladies rushed to
the ......9)...... and told the king and queen what had happended to the
princess. The king and the queen were shocked to hear the story and they walked
hurriedly to the pool.

Arriving at the pool, the king and queen
didn’t see the princess, but .....10)..... , colling up the rock where the
princess usually sat.

ini pilihannya :
a) wedding...... b) struck form c) a big serpent d) cried
e) bled f) palace g) happiness h) had fun
i) desperate j) broken nose k) regret l) flawless skin



1.g 2.e 3.j 4.a 5.k 6.i 7.b 8.l 9.f 10.c