Tolong di buatin dialog minimal percakapannya 14 pasang, tentang " Your little brother rode his bicycle fast. Suddenly, he hit a tree and fell into a ditch. He is very embarrassed and tells you about that. How would the conversation go?"

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Me : Hei Dude, What's happen? You looked so messy
Brother : I hit the tree and felt into the ditch. Damn it.
Me : Wo, how could it be?
Brother : I dont know. Maybe because I rode it too fast
Me : Is there anything wrong with the brake
Brother : I dont know. I'll check it later.
Me : Is it hurt? Is there any wound?
Brother : No, Its not at all. But I'm so embarassing. All of people look at me and laugh spontantly
Me : Did they dont help you?
Brother : At last they help me actually
Me : Dont worry, Its ok
Brother : I get it
Me : So, be carefull in next time
Brother : Okay, thanks