Jawaban paling cerdas!
Agree past tense 1) I really agree that you decided to join the English club in your school! 2. I agree that you didn't accept Rudi's proposal. He's a bad man. present tense 1) I agree that we go to a cafe, I'm reallu tired. 2. I agree we visit Lia. disagree past tense 1) I don't agree when you said you were the most popular personm 2) I disagree about your theory you told me last nightn disagree present tense. 1) I disagree we have to have homework 2) I disagree Gome and Resi go to Bali
Agreement dialog :
Rio: Hey Lis! Wanna hang out with me? <<< Present tense
Lisa: Of course, I don't mind. <<< Presen tense

Ruben: I couldn't agree more that you decided to go to high school. <<< Past tense
Marco: Yea, that's the best decision for me. <<< Past tense

Disagrement dialog :
Carla: Hey! Let's find out who behind all of this screen! <<< Present tense
Michele: I disagree with you. <<< Present tense

John: So, have you decided about we were talking last night? <<< Past tense
Terra: I disagree about we were talking last night. <<< Past tense

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