one of the most (1)...... ports in indonesia is badminton. we have many best badminton players. one of them is (2)...... . He is the best indonesian badminton player. he won many badminton (3)...... in national and international events. he got the gold (4)..... in athens olympics 2004. it was his best achievement all this time. although many sport (5)...... criticized him, but he (6)...... that he could keep the gold medal tradition in olympic (7)..... for indonesia.
the other best (8)...... player is susi susanti. she is one of the best woman badminton players in indonesia. she has won four times in (9)..... championship. she is one of the best woman (10)..... in the world from indonesia. she becomes popular because of badminton.

medal, best, medal, proved, players, games, popular, championship, all england, taufik hidayat.



1. popular 2. taufikhidayat championship. medal. players. 6proved. 9all england. pilihannya ga ada yg lain? ga cocok pilihannya.
1. Games
2. Taufik Hidayat
3. Championship
4. Medal
5. Best
6. Proved
7. All england
8. Popular
10. Players
Maybe lho ya.. mohon dicek lagi..