Once upon a time, a cat, a frog and a camel were very good friends. They decided to tell each other the story of their birth to find out who was the oldest.

The cat told his story first “when I was born, the earth was still soft. I had to walk very carefully so that I did not sink into the ground. That’s why I’m still very careful about the way I walk.”

“Oh! That’s nothing,” exclaimed the frog. “I’m sure I’m the oldest. When I was born, the earth was very hot. It was too hot to walk on. The only way to move around was to jump. That’s why I still jump rather than walk.”

The camel was very amused “When I was born,” he told his friends, “the earth had not yet been made. There was only the sky and a lot of sand everywhere. When my father died, there was no place to bury him so I had to carry him on my back. That’s why my back is crooked. Of course, it’s very useful as I can keep food and water in it.”

On hearing what the camel said, the cat and frog had to agree that he was the oldest. They made him their leader.

Write down the action verb from the text!



Told, walk. move. jump. made. carry. crooked. useful. hearing.
bukannya useful dan crooked itu adjective ya?
em.. iya salah salh. itu tdk trmsuk. maaf, tdk brmaksud kok
Tell told walk sink jump amused made bury carry hearing
Maaf kalo gak lengkap atau jawabannya salah :)