The most unforgettable experience is always hard for me to forget, and stays fresh in my memory all the time. I think I remember the experience of being lost at night all my life.
            It was a dark and a little bit cold night. One of my friends suggested that we go outside for star seeing. We started from the cabana we lived in with a touch in each one’s hand. At first we just wanted to go around and apperciated the beautiful sky decorated by many stars. But later we decided to go further in. All we thought about was walking and talking. We ignored the most important thing which is the big forest was beyond the cabana. It was unfortunate that we went into the forest and got lost.
            When we found we were lost, it was too late to find the original way back to the cabana. I grasped my friends hands firmly. The cold and strong wind blew against my face all the time. It whispers through the trees. What’s more, the fog became thick quickly. Terrible fear came to my mind and made me tremble out of my control. I was sacred to death. The only idea came into my brain was that it was the end of my life. It was impossible for me to get out of the forest. Even though my friends tried to convince me that nothing bad would happen to us and we were safe and sound. I still feared that we would come to a sticky end.
It was hard to find the way clear because of the dense fog. It made us lose thesense of direction totally. We didn’t know which step to follow next. Suddenly, it seemed that a man with a torch stood in front of us. At first, it frightened us stiff. We dared not to open oureyes until he came to pat on our shoulders and told us that if we got  lost, he would help us to find the way. At this moment, I was relieved because I knew I wouldn’t stay in the forest all the time. This kind man led us to go out. It was him who ended up this terrible experience of getting lost.
It was really an unforgettable experience in my life. I will not forget such a special unforgettable experience.
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