Jawaban paling cerdas!
Ina had a new neighborhood.Her new neigghborhood had a daughter who same age with her.Someday,She visit her new neighborhood and acquainted with their daughter.
Ina: "Hi.How do you do?"
Nana :"How do you do"
Ina : "Let me introduce my self.My name's Ina.What's your name?"
Nana : "My name's Nana.I hears that we had same age,didn't we?"
Ina : "Yes,those all right.Where do you study?"
Nana : "I study at junior high school 2 Klaten.How about you?"
Ina : "I study at junior high school 1 Klaten."
Nana : "Do you like your scool?Why?"
Ina : " Of course.Although I used to want to study at junior high school 2 Klaten.But now,I love my school.My school had the large yard.besides that,it had complete properties"
Nana : "Yes,that's right.I heard your school had the large yard."
Ina : " How about your school?Does your school have 2 buildings?"
Nana : "Yes,it does.My school have 2 buildings.The first one is near the jail,and the second one is near the church"
Ina : "oh,it sounds unique"
Nana : "Yes,i think it too."
Ina : "But,i sure that our school are same good"
Nana : "Yes,Have you had lunch?"
Ina : "Yes,I've.Okay,i think it'sevening.I'll return home"
Nana : "Okay,See you later"
Ina : "Bye"