Jawaban paling cerdas!
A : Hello, how are you?
B ; I'm fine. Are you?
A: Me too. Hey, how about your holiday?
B : Very interesting! I visited Kukup Beach. Kukup Beach is very beautiful. 
A: Yes. In Gunungkidul Region ?
B : Yes. My family and I were very happy. And now, how about your holiday?
A : I went to Malioboro city.
B : Malioboro is a very wonderful city in Jogjakarta.
A: Yes, you're right.

mksih. bisa gak di buatin kayak kalimat deskriptif. skurang-krangx 5 baris :)
mendeskripsikan apa?
A : Hello.. B : Hello.. A : my name is A. what's your name? B : my name is B. A : where are you from? B : i'm from jakarta. and you? A : i'm from bogor. B : how do you do A : how do you do