Materials : MangoAvocadosugar waterMilkIceAppleStrawberriesWineJackfruit Steps : First, Cut the fruit round or dice.then, Scratching the flesh of a melon.then, Boil sugar with water until cooked for about 30 minutes.Next, Put in serving glasses that have been cut round pieces or dice.then, to taste Pour the sugar water, put ice cubes and put milk on ice fruit.Last, put the decorations on the glass with a piece of strawberry on it.
Cassava Pudding Ingredients: 500 g of cassava, grated1 packet of white gelatin100 grams of sugar1/4 teaspoon of salt200 ml of coconut milk100 grams of jackfruit, dicedCooking oil for greasing the mold100 grams of grated coconut1/4 teaspoon of salt How to make: Topping material: Mix the grated coconut and salt, mix well. Steams for about 15 minutes, remove, and set aside.Mix cassava, gelatin, sugar, and salt. Stir well.Pour the coconut milk, stir until well blended.Enter jackfruit and stir.Rub mold with cooking oil, pour the batter into the mold.Heat the steamer, steam over medium heat for 30 minutes until cooked.Lift, remove it from the mold.Serve with a sprinkling of grated coconut on it.