Vinny:"hello what your name?" rena :"hello my name eka suryaning darena you call me rena" tiba-tiba dea sama fiola datang dea :"what are you doing?" vinny:"we just introducing my self" rena :"what your name?" fiola :"my name fiola adyanovti you call me fio" vinny:"what is your name?" dea :"my name is dea ambarwati you call me dea" fiola :" lets go to the library " rena :"ok" dea :"what your borrow the book? " fiola :" i am borrow the novel " vinny:" lets go " rena :"lets go"
maksudnya teks drama yang panjang seperti cerita yang bisa dibuat drama :)
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Frisda : hi, what your name ? kalila : my name kalila frisda : im frisda nice to met you kalila : nice to met you too frisda : are you a new student in this class ?? kalila. : yes ,i am . frisda : so you dont have a friend right ? kalila : yeah ,um maybe just you.... frisda : so... this girl name lila and that girl name karen !! kalila : nice to met you lila and karen : nice to met you too!!!! 3 month have past ...... kalila : hi, girls ? do youknow what day two day again ??? lila and karen : of course friday !! kalila : its not just friday but is... frisda birthday !!!! lila : how could i forget that ? karen : me too... kalila : let us make a plan ! lila : yeah ... karen : alright frisda : hi,girls what you talking about lila,karen,and kalila : nope.. aah just talking about math lesson yeeah right .. *sigh*... the next day .... frisda : do you know what day is tommorow ?? lila : someone birthday ... frisda : right ,yes and who is her or he ??? girl : our favorite teacher miss Renny frisda : owh ooh okay .... girl : bye ... frisda : how could everyone doesnt know my birthday ..... the next day ..... frisda : hi everyone girl : sory we are busy right now , bye lila : see you next time frisda : okay bye .... karen : we are sorry what happen in afternoon could you come to cafe tarra ...?? frisda : okay .. girl : happy birthday frisda surpriseee !!!!! frisda : OMG thanks guys that the happy ending a story about a friendship ......