Contoh paragraf yang menceritakan tentang idolamu (yg menginspirasi), yang didalamnya mengandung kata kerja dan kata sifat (menggunakan bahasa Inggris dengan penggunaan verb ataupun kata bantu yg tepat). =)

Mohon bantuannya, thanks =)



My idola is agnes monica
i like her,since i was 8 years old.
Why i like her ?
Because, first she is beautiful and amazing, with good voice.
She like singing dan dancing . So i like her.
She like eat. She is good people . And she is inspiration for me
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Sungha Jung is a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. He was born on September 2, 1996 in the South Korean. Usually,  Now, Sungha life in Chung-Ju city. Only after 3 years since he started playing guitar just for fun, one boy surprised Thomas Leeb from Ostria, Martin Taylor from England, Yoko Ono who is the widow of the late John Lennon. Sungha started to play guitar in the beginning of the year 2006.
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