Garbage is something we don't need anymore, and we throw that thing into the garbage can. or to be exact everywhere, so ladies and gentlemen i am here today to tell you that we need to have more thoughts about throwing our garbage wherever we want, because if we don't stop the earth will become worse.
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Teachers' Day
Every year, all schools throughout Malaysia celebrate Teachers' Day - a day to honour and remember our teachers who are our leaders and who guide us in our education duringour youthful days.Teachers are very much a part of a student's life as they influence a child, right fromKindergarten days to Upper Secondary days; and perhaps beyond. It is they who preparethe child for his or her life in society.Teachers' Day is held to show our appreciation to our teachers who work hard and bear  patiently with us. In most schools, pupils bring gifts of flowers, presents and other 
tokens , which are sometimes hand-made, to show that they care for their teachers. A party is held where tasty refreshments and drinks are served in the classroom for both theteachers and the students. Everyone has a good time and the day ends earlier than usual.Teachers play a very important role in the development of a child. However, their effortsare seldom appreciated. That is why Teachers' Day is so significant to teachers; it is onlyon this day that they are appreciated and honoured for their deeds