- she was beautiful yesterday
- I have leftt my house yesterday
- She studied english last night
- She studied match yesterday
- He very handsome yesterday
- He was smart yesterday
- He Studied Ips yesterday
-Dini and I went to the supermarket for shopping two months ago.

1. My Father bought this car last year
My father didn't bought this car last year
Did my father buy this car last year??

2. They went to Tokyo last month
They didn't go to Tokyo last month
Did they go to Tokyo last month?

3. She went home two minutes ago
She did not go home two minutes ago
When did she go home?

4. I finished my homework two days ago
I didn’t finish my homework two days ago.
Did you finish your homework two days ago?

5. We went to Surabaya
We didn't go to Surabaya.
Did we go to Surabaya?

6. You lived in Japan
You didn't live in Japan
Did you live in Japan?

7. They stayed at the Vivaldi Hotel
They didn't stay at the Vivaldi Hotel
Did they stay at the Vivaldi Hotel?

8. Rani went to Borobudur Yesterday
Rani did not go to borobudur Yesterday
Did Rany go to borobudur Yesterday ?

9. Rani Killed Desy Last Night
Rani did not Kill Desy Last Night
did Rani Kill Desy Last Night ?

10.You called me yesterday.
You didn’t call me yesterday.
Why did you call me yesterday?

11.They bought a new house two months ago.
They didn’t buy a new house two months ago.
When Did they buy a new house?

12.She studied English last month.
She didn’t study English last month.
When Did they buy a new house?

13.I went to USA last week.
I didn’t go to USA last week.
Did you go to USA last week?

14.We were human
We weren't human
were we human?

15.She was here yesterday.
She was not here yesterday.
Was she here yesterday?

thank you ...
Jadikan aku yang terbaik yahh :D :D
insyaallah ..
Iya, makasih yah
iya sama" ^^
1. I went to Bali last month
2. She was sad yesterday
3. did you go to Jakarta last week?
4. they were very tired yesterday
5. rara went to market by bicycle
6. we visited our grandmother last week
7. i didn't swam 3 years ago
8. did I play football yesterday?
9. I played doll 2 days ago
10. rara cooked fried rice this morning
11. they ate burger last week
12. rafi was tired this morning
13. we brought some candy yesterday
14. we didn't bring some candy yesterday
15. did we bring some candy yesterday?
16. i sang a song last concert
17. i didn't sing a song last concert
18. did i sing a song last concert?
19. tety was very angry yesterday
20. lala and ika was very happy