Choose the right answer.
1. Anita is looking forwards to her birthday because she ... a digital camera by her brother.
a. promise
b. has promised
c. has been promising
d. is promising
e. has been promised
2. As he was badly hurt in the car accident, he ... to the nearest hospital.
a. being taken
b. took
c. be taken
d. was taken
e. was being taken
3. Tenants ... not to turn on their radios after midnight.
a. requested
b. are requested
c. request
d. are requesting
e. being requested
4. The math test ... by the students right now.
a. has been done
b. was done
c. will be done
d. is done
e. is being done
5. Next semester, the scholarship ... to the best student in each class.
a. will be given
b. is given
c. is being
d. has given
e. was given




1 c
2 a
3 d
4 b
5 b

ada yang lain

1. E. has been promised
2. A. requested
3. B. are requested
4. c. will be done
5.  a . will be given