It is said that a mermaid named Ariel. He is the God of the Sea daughter named Triton. In contrast to the occupants of the palace under the sea. Ariel would rather play around on the surface of the sea or on the islands empty.While the inhabitants of the underwater palace would rather live on the ocean floor. 

So often Ariel to the surface of the sea so that the sea god father warned. 

"Ariel, you do not often surface to the sea." 

"What's wrong, father?" Ariel asked. 

"Do not tell me you'll meet people," replied the god of the sea. 

"Dad, what is and what man is?" 

"Ah ... you're it, you did not know," murmured Lord of the Sea, "That on top of the sea, especially in the mainland there are creatures called humans." 

"What they like us, dad?" 

"Yes, actually resemble us or we are similar to them, it's just that most people are just evil and selfish." 

"What good nonexistent, father?" 

"Hmmm ... there also, but only a few people who are good." 

"Well, I'm so curious and want to meet people." 

"Huh? Never Ariel!" God of the Sea was shocked to hear her wishes. 

"Why father?" 

"Do not son, you'll be damned!" God of the Sea said earnestly, "You'd better play around under the sea alone." 

"Ah ... the father, who would dare to hurt me? I'm the daughter of a very powerful God of the Sea. Dad definitely will not stay silent if I harmed a human." 

"Ah, you are Ariel!" 

That mermaid Ariel is the prettiest among the many mermaids. Age Ariel is still very young, only seventeen. Like the flowers that are blooming. 

One day Ariel sea surface. Incidentally not far from it there is a big ship. On top of the beautiful deck that looks some people were playing music and dancing, suddenly staring at Ariel view of a young man who was sitting watching her friends who were dancing. 

"Come on Prince Eric, come dance with us," invite someone who is dancing. 

"Oh, it was called in Erik handsome young man," Ariel murmured that they peek out from under the deck. 

Suddenly a big storm came accompanied by heavy rain and lightning were darting and high winds. Instantly large ship was tossed around like a paper boat alone. Prince Eric and his men tried to keep the ship was not reversed. Greater storms and devastating craze. The ship began to roll.Suddenly lightning mast crazy, "Kraaakkkk!" and fault overrides mast powder keg. 

Huge explosion sounded. Erik Prince that was near the powder keg was thrown and menggelagak drift waves. 

"Prince ...!" Ariel squealed the young man's attention earlier. Prince Erik dragged the water, if not quickly rescued certainly he would have died to the seabed. 

Ariel fast acting, Erik Prince grabbed and pulled to the surface. While holding Erik Prince, the beautiful mermaid swim to shore. 

While still unconscious Prince Eric, Ariel tried to remove water from the boy's stomach. Then he stroked the head of Prince Eric. Without realizing it, Ariel is actually interested and fall in love with Prince Eric. He really wants to be with Prince Eric in the human world. 

At that time Prince Eric almost unconscious, he has begun to open eyes and wonder when a beautiful face and smooth hands stroking his head. At the same time hear Ariel Prince Eric's men came. 

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