please, tell me for "write a pro or contra on the following topics". I take one. I choose "National Examination Must Be Abolished"

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Discourse deletion National Examination ( UNAS ) from the Ministry of Education invited the pros and cons of the various elements of society in Gunungkidul . Sudodo , Head of Education, Youth and Sports Gunungkidul related plans come to speak to scandalize the general public .
" It is the end of education there should be an evaluation like this UNAS that can be known a child could know the material or not . But the truth is that the evaluation of national or not is not important. The most important thing is how to improve the quality of education . The problem that the system is up to the boss , "he said when met at his office , Thursday ( 16/05/2013 ) .
Slamet Haryadi one observer claimed education agree that the national exam was abolished .
" Agree that the national exam was abolished , as it does not reduce the overall quality of education . Tested 'm only certain subjects , and I think it is not effective for the students in the future . In fact that should be emphasized is the character and moral education course , " he said .
Different responses to Sudodo and Slamet Haryadi emerged from Suparto Head SMP 2 Wonosari balked when the national exam will be eliminated . He made the statement amusing and intriguing , like this saying : " This has UNAS Homeland function , if not there will be a mess UNAS Homeland education according glasses . So I balked when it abolished the national exam , " he said .
I wonder what has UNAS mean Homeland function , and Homeland will be in shambles without UNAS needs to be studied more deeply .
Disagree responses also expressed by the Chief SMP 1 Semin , Suparjono " Obviously not agree , if UNAS removed the spirit of students to achieve the best results will be decreased , because this UNAS as a venue for students competing in intelligence . Additionally if not measured by the value obtained from the NEM UNAS on enrollment of new students will be a lot of manipulation of the value , " lontarnya .
Not only that , junior high teacher Sudaryati 4 Playen firmly rejected if UNAS abolished .
" I do not agree that the national exam was abolished , the national exam used to measure a student's ability . If it can not be removed but fixed it, " he said .
Rejection abolition of national examinations was also presented by the students themselves . One of them Dodi Dewantara , students who had just faced UNAS junior level .
" I do not agree that the national exam was abolished . National test scores not it also affect us when registering to a higher level , " he explained
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