Exercise Of passive Voice

change these sentences into passive.
1. andri kicks the ball over the fence.
2. he doesn't eat the orange.
3. maulana pays the telephon bill every month.
4. the maid sweeps the floor every morning.
5. she has cleared the table after breakfast.
6. ferdinand did not do his homework yesterday.
7. the manager told us a new strategy of marketing.
8. we are learning English right now.
9. they are not teasing the little girl.
10. i have finished this job already.
11. he will paint the door tomorrow,
12. the clever boy can easily answer the question



1.the ball over the fence kicked by andri 3.the telephon bill every month paid by maulana 4.the floor every morning swept by the maid 5. The table atfer breakfast has cleared by she 7.A new strategy of marketing told us by the manager
1. the ball is kicked by Andri over the fence
2. the orange is not eaten by him
3.the telephone bill is paid by maulana every month
4. the floor is swept by the maid every morning
5. the table has been cleared by her after breakfast
6. ferdinand's homework was not done by him yesterday
7.a new strategy of marketing is told by the manager to us (maybe)
8. english is being learned by us right now
9. the little girl is not being teased by them
10. this job already has been finished by me
11. the door will be paint by him tomorrow
12.  the question can be easily answered by the clever boy
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