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1. 'which girl are u talking about?'

'the one ..... yesterday . she promised to continue the discussion tomorrow evening'
a. who had a nice talk yesterday
b. that she didn't recognize us
c. whose father is youe uncle
d. who didn't say hell to us
e. whom u helped

2. ' do uknow that woman over there?'
' yes she is a teacher'
' oh , no u get the wrong one'
' which one do u mean?'
' the woman........'
a. who i smiled at her
b. who wears glasses
c. that bloused is red
d. is on your right side
e. which is near the door

3. the books on this shelf,...... are about child education , belong to my sister-in-law
a. which of most
b. in which
c. that most of
d. most of which
e. of which most

global warming over the past 50 years is largely duee to human
activities ...... have released green house gasses into the atmosphere.
a. of which
b. that
c. who
d. that they
e. whose



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