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Health care environment, pemeran bisa apa saja namanya, contoh :
1 . Nurdin
2 . Jono
3 . Norman
4 . Musa
5 . Joni
6 . Luki
7 . Indri
Scripts dialog drama
Nurdin :
If people do not have awareness , and throw trash out of place , it seems no longer our village will be flooded.

Jono :
Yes , it's true . The public must have the awareness that it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the village in order to avoid harmful things .

Norman :
It is difficult to be aware of the citizens . You know that we are citizens of this village is quite primitive and the mindset is still very alarming .

Musa :
Yes , that was the condition . If only they were sensitive to their environment , they certainly would not littering .

Joni :
So , what do you think there is the best solution to address this condition ? What should we do to make our kampong residents are more concerned with the health of the environment ?

Luki :
Anyway , you do not have to care about the environment too . However we will not be able to make this village clean , because people are difficult to set .

Indri :
You should not think like that Luki . However we have a responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of our villages , and for that we must be willing to sweat a little , be it by making people conscious , put up signs , or in other ways .

Nurdin :
I agree with your ideas . Should we begin to build awareness of this issue in order not to continue.

Jono :
I also very much agree , but the problem is where do we start ? Do we have to give sanction to residents who do not comply with the rules ?

Norman :
In my opinion , we should make the agenda of such a meeting or dialogue with , and we told the residents that they should be concerned with the health of the environment , and do not throw garbage at will .

Musa :
Good , I agree with that idea . Should we invite people to come together , and we love a little insight about the importance of keeping the environment clean .

Joni :
Okey , if so do you when the time is right for us to make the scheduled meeting ?

Luki :
If I can , I think should be soon. But , try to schedule meetings when they were no vacant time so that all are invited to attend.

Indri :
Yes , I strongly agree . Should we create a meeting agenda as soon as possible , and we will arrange any events that will be discussed at the meeting .

Nurdin :
Okay , tonight I will meet the village chief to notify the agenda before us , and after that I will let you know guys .

Nurdin friends :
Okay , we'll be waiting to hear from you . If you've met with the father of the head of the village , please let us know as soon as possible .
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