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1. He looks tired. His job makes him spend much time in the car going here and there. He is a ...
2. Rianti works for a computer company in Jakarta. There is a computer on her desk. She often types letters on the computer. She also answers the telephone and takes messages. Sometimes she goes to meetings and takes notes. What is Rianti's job?
3. Hi dear. My name is Julia. I work at school, I have so many students. I use chalk to write on the blackboard. Of course you know what I am. I am a ...
4. Lidia works in a hospital in Surabaya. She helps the doctors and looks after the patiens. She gives them the medicine, and she often talks to them and listens to their. Sometimes, she talks to the patients' families. She always wears her white uniform. What is Lidia job?


1. driver
2. secretary
3.  teacher
4. nurse
1 5 1
2.costumer service/recepsionist/secretary
0 0 0
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