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My holiday in ngliyep beach

last year, i and my family went to spend our holiday in ngliyep beach. we went there by airplane. the trip took time about 1,5 hours. during the trip, i and my family took a rest for a while by sleeping. suddenly, the flight attendant told us that the plane will arrive soon in Malang. i and my sister were so excited. we waited and waited, until the plane is stopped and the flight attendant let the passengers to get out from the plane. we were so happy. after taking our bags. we went to the hotel and took a rest.
  in the next morning, we went to ngliyep beach. the beach was so beautiful. the sea is clean and there wasn't any garbage. there were many games too which is related with water.
my parents asked me to play banana boat. i agreed and play it with my family. after that, we took some pictures. the time is so fast without we realized it. the day almost over, i and my family should leave the beach. someday, i'll visit Ngliyep beach again. spending holiday time in Ngliyep beach is wonderful experience

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