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Maaf kalo salah soal na kurang ngerti saya ....
I have something..
they have a long neck..
they live in dinosaur age.
they herbivor.
and looks like they are friendly with other dinosaur
what is i am ?

answer :

semoga membantu ^_^
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. I have long neck, a pair of wings, and pink body. What am I ?  A flamingo.
2. What is a jam that you can't eat?   A traffic jam.
3. You can't see the cup, you can't touch the cup, and drink from it. What kind of cup is it?    A hiccup!:))
4. I am a bird, but I can fly. I'm black and white. I can live in a world of ice and I can swim. What am I?     A penguin.
5. I am sometimes pointed, sometimes dull, my head is the color red, or green, or pink, or blue. What am I?     A colored pencil.
6. What kind of a nut, and has a hole?  A donut!:))
7. What has roots that nobody sees, is taller than trees, up up up it goes, yet it never grows?      A mountain. 
8. Everybody need me, but they always give me to someone else. What am I?  Money.
9. What kind of bear you can keep at home?    A teddy bear.
10. At first, I am white and usual, later on, I am colorful and beautiful. What am I?  A butterfly.

Hope this helped and please, DO NOT COPY PASTE THIS ANSWER! 'Cuz I will track you down and report you!
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