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Justin & the knights of volaur
Justin ( Freddie Highmore ) lives in a kingdom where the strict bureaucratic rules and knights had been overthrown . Her dream is to become one of the Knights of Valour ( Warrior with Courage ) , like his grandfather . His father named Reginald ( Alfred Molina ) , he was chief counsel Queen ( Olivia Williams ) , who wants Justin to follow in his footsteps or become a lawyer .

After a visit to the beloved grandmother ( Julie Walters ) , Justin has decided to fulfill his desire so he was forced to say goodbye to the woman who was supposed to be parts of the heart , Lara ( Tamsin Egerton ) .
Justin is going to leave home and begin his quest to become a true knight . Along the way he met many people who will help him toward his dream .
A beautiful woman named Talia ( Saoirse Ronan ) , then there is a unique witch Melquiades ( David Walliams ) , the handsome Sir Clorex ( Antonio Banderas ) , other than that he was also guided by three monks , Blucher ( James Cosmo ) , Legantir ( Charles Dance ) , and Braulio ( Barry Humphries ) , the monks will teach
and test Justin ancient ways of being a Knights of Valour . While he was still in the learning stage to become a knight , suddenly kingdom was overthrown . Justin who must quickly back and forced to face Sir Heraclio ( Mark Strong ) , who is a former knight , besides Justin also have to deal with Sota ( Rupert Everett ) , a squad leader who sent Sir Heraclio who plans to destroy the kingdom .
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