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Abdomen began to swellCats are pregnant stomach started to look bigger at 5 weeks gestation . The abdomen will continue to grow to near the time of delivery .

Reddened and enlarged nipples ( pink )
One sign is a significant change in the nipple. In pregnant cats , little nipples swell and turn a reddish color ( pink )

out of milk 
Milk being produced and could be issued approximately 3-2 weeks of the end of pregnancy . So when gently squeezed the nipples and no visible liquid milk , the birth will occur approximately 2-3 weeks.

Thinning fur around the nipples

VomitingIn some instances ( rarely ) also pregnant cat vomiting , such as in early human pregnancy . Please contact and consult with a veterinarian

Cessation of estrus cycle abruptly .Estrus cycle ( estrous cycle ) cat depending on various things , one of which is a season . In Indonesia, a tropical country , the estrous cycle was not much affected by cat season . Average length of the estrous cycle of the cat around 1-1.2 months . Time estrus ( estrus ) lasts about 7 days . If after breeding , cat lust stops abruptly and did not ask to marry, most likely a pregnancy occurs .

Increased appetite .Pregnant cats showed increased appetite . Of course, increased appetite aims to provide adequate nutrition for mother and fetus development .

Softer and looking for attention .Most cats that are pregnant experience a change in behavior as it is quieter and softer . In addition they also seek more attention to its owner . At the end of pregnancy seen some behavior such as anxiety and would rather be somewhere warm and covered

Veterinarians can help ensure pregnancy cat . Experienced people can confirm pregnancy by palpation (feeling ) at the age of pregnancy was 3-4 weeks .
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